Onboard 50 gal Tank can be expanded 150 additional Gallons

How it works...

When the connection tubing is attached to the external 150 gallon water bladder by means of a quick-connect coupling, any extra water produced by the distiller is now allowed to flow to the bladder which prevents the 50 gallon tank from filling up completely. Now the AquaFill float valve won't turn off the distiller until the external 150 gallon bladder is full. 

Now, the bladder will begin to fill by way of the 50 gal. storage tanks overflow pipe that leads to the bladder. Eventually when the bladder is full and the water reaches the top of the air vent pipe, which is higher than the 50 gallon storage tank when the on-board 50 gal. tank is full the distiller will be shut off by the AquaFill water level controller valve.

When the bladder is connected, the 3.5 gpm demand pump will now supply distilled water to the faucet. 

Bladder is hidden...

the bladder is placed on a canvas in a 4'x 6'x 16", the tarp is then folded over the bladder with a thin layer of sand, dirt or leaves covering it. In the even you must quickly bug out, the quick disconnect fitting allow it to happen. All that is need is to bury the two connecting pipes and you will have hidden completely 150 gallons of pure drinking water for possible later retrieval.